Application Process

Any researcher with an interest in Multiple Sclerosis is able to apply to the MS Register in order to carry out a study with us.

There have historically been 2 reasons to do this:

  1. As a researcher you want to deploy your own survey to the Register Population.
  2. You want to access the existing data that we have to carry out your own research.

All data released to researchers is anonymised, no identifiers are released. Dates of birth become a week of birth and postcodes become a lower super output area – Or in rare cases a middle super output area to preserve anonymity.

We have a remote access technology for you to access data, requested data is prepared as per your specifications then made available in your gateway.

Data is never released from Register servers, we provide all the tools necessary to analyse the data in a standard windows desktop including R, SAS, STATA, SPSS and others.

Data that you would like to generate figures, images or tables from can be placed in a governance folder where it is examined for anything potentially identifiable before being released to you.

Application Overview

  1. If you have any questions at all about what data is available or the the process then please get in touch with us at
  2. Download the inquiry form here
  3. Return your completed form to
  4. We will get in contact with you within 5 days to clarify any points such as funding, ethics or rights to use the questionnaires
  5. Once the application is in order it will be submitted to our Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP).
  6. The IGRP group accept submissions 4 times and year and will review your proposal with any others that have been submitted
  7. Once submitted you will have a decision within 6 weeks as the outcome of your application.