Register Model

The ModelĀ 


The model underlying the MS Register is that of flexible longitudinal data capture. The original concept was in identifying 3 primary data sources:

  • Directly from People with MS

People with MS are asked to register on the website and complete PRoMS every 3 months.

  • Clinical Data

Our NHS Partner sites consent participants, either at attendance at clinic or by post. Once consented the staff at sites upload a minimal clinical dataset monthly, and update the record at the next patient attendance.

  • Other Linkable Data Sources

There are a variety of other data that 1) and 2) can be linked to – within our current operating model Welsh Participants are routinely linked to General Practice andĀ  PEDW data contained within the SAIL databank.

Other linkable data can be added to this source, we are currently exploring addition of MRI and the HES datasets.


No identifiable data is ever published by the MS Register